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Blue Ribbon Horsemanship School is now the
largest School in Southern Idaho.  We teach more
students and hold more courses than anyone.
Why have Blue Ribbon Horsemanship Schools become so popular?  
One-on-one instruction.
*Each student is challenged, but taught at their own speed.
*Least expensive School in the West!
*Paul Butler is Idaho's Full-time Professional Teacher.
*Master Horseman Samantha Butler rides any students horse that
requests it so the student can see the ability of the horse and how to work
with the horse rather than against it.
*Blue Ribbon Horsemanship always uses a sound system so everyone can
*Blue Ribbon teaches multiple ways to accomplish any given technique so
that the student can choose which is best for them and their horse.  We do
not just teach one method.
*We ride until everyone is sore.  We stay until all questions are answered.
*We have fun!  No sense in riding or training a horse if you can't!
*For some courses Blue Ribbon offers up to 4 instructors.

Blue Ribbon instructors are constantly evolving
and working on new and innovative horsemanship
techniques to teach their students.

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Blue Ribbon Horsemanship